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Sports & Saloon Car Races (BRSCC)


The BRSCC  organises 50 race meetings and 25 championships annually in the UK for both club and FIA sanctioned international events.  

FIA = Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile;  the governing body of motorsport worldwide ~

This meeting will feature the following championships: Caterham Superlight R300 Championship
Avon Tyres Caterham Supersport Championship
Avon Tyres Caterham Tracksport Championship
Avon Tyres Caterham Roadsport Championship
BRSCC Alfashop Alfa Romeo Championship
Britcar Endurance Championship
Britcar Endurance Sports & Touring Car Champship
Britcar Trophy Series
Britcar Duro Series


The 2014 Season is just around the corner!  

Here is the appetizer and it is free to the general public from 12:30 

See you there!

Last Race of the Season

The last race of the 2013 Calendar was the BritCar/Gt Endurance; but this is a one day affair.  So, for all intents and purposes, ThunderSport Motorcycle Racing was the last proper race meeting.  Proper as in the paddock village grows from the thursday tests through to the Sunday racing.

It seemed like Donington was the place to be – the paddock was really buzzing.  There was a bit of a who’s -who of spectators; customers came in to report sightings of Ron Haslam, road racer Guy Martin and the Lowes twins: Alex, who won the BSB crown and Sam, who won the World SuperSport this year!  But the name on everyone’s lips was out on track – Freddie Sheene, the son of the GP legend Barry Sheene.

 The odd rider came in ‘crowing’ that they’d passed Freddie in practise or out of a corner as though they’d beaten Barry himself!  How is that for pressure on your first race meeting?  Racing in the Pre-National 600, Freddie took three podiums: one 2nd place and two 3rd places!  Who is crowing now!?!

It was a great way to finish off the season.  Don’t miss Thundersport next year!

This has to be the photo of the weekend :

Guy Martin slowly being surrounded by his adoring fans!

Guy Martin stalked in Kiosk

Stay warm and have a fun festive season.  Merry, Merry!

Track History

Circuit length: 2.50 miles (Grand Prix), 1.9573 miles (National)


Track History

Donington Park in 1931 was owned by a Mr.Shields who used to open the park to the public for the price of 6d. Fred Craner, a local garage owner and motorcycle racer, was looking for somewhere local to compete, and he came to an agreement with the landowner to hold a race on a dirt track in the grounds. The first meeting was held on Whit Monday, May 1931, on a 2 mile 327yd circuit.

For 1932 the track was improved, and a combined motorcycle and sidecar meeting was held. For 1933, the track was widened and tarmacked at a cost of œ12,000, and the first car meeting was held on the 25th March, followed by a further three car meetings that year. The track was extended for 1934, and by 1935 the circuit was 2 miles 971 yds long, and was established enough to hold the first Donington Grand Prix. The race was 4hrs47m12s long, and was won by Richard Shuttleworth in an Alfa Romeo.

For 1937 the circuit was extended again to 3 miles 220 yds, with the circuit being extended down the Melbourne Hill to the Melbourne Corner, which was situated just over the county border in Derbyshire! This version was used to hold the famous Third Donington Grand Prix, won by Bernd Rosemeyer in 3h1m22s in an Auto Union C Type. However, the war soon intervened, and the circuit was requisitioned by the military to store vehicles.

Although attempts were made to reopen the circuit, none were successful until the grounds were purchased by the self-made millionaire Tom Wheatcroft. It wasn’t easy reopening the circuit due to the protrusion of the circuit into the neighbouring county, so racing was restricted to the 1.957 mile national circuit which missed out the Melbourne loop and was modified from the 1937 circuit (some of the corners were reprofiled and moved, and the some of the corners were renamed – see picture below).

Wheatcroft harboured the desire of holding another Grand Prix at the circuit, so in 1985 he extended the circuit length to 2.5 miles by extending the circuit with the Shields Straight and the Melbourne Hairpin. On the 22nd September 1985 the circuit hosted the F3000 championship, and in 1989 the World Sports-Prototype Championship. Wheatcroft’s dream finally came true on the 11th April 1993 when the circuit hosted the European Grand Prix, famously won by Ayrton Senna. However, the race was only hosted once.


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Lancaster Bomber!

 Donington Historic Festival

  World War II fly-past every afternoon

  * photos in the Gallery!

Christian Devereux. Rest In Peace.

 The mood in the paddock was sombre after a tragic accident ended proceedings on the final day of the Donington Historic Festival.  Christian Devereux, a race winning driver both here in the UK and in Europe, was driving a ’65 Mini Cooper S in the Pre ’66 Touring Car race.  Sadly, an unfortunate incident with a Ford Mustang in that race ended his life.

This weekend the team’s mechanics were regulars in the Kiosk, joking and laughing they made us smile;  Sunday afternoon they came in with heavy hearts and made us cry.  The only thing we can do is to share the sorrow with them.

Some say that Christian Devereux is lucky to have died doing something that he loved, is that a little envy or looking on the bright side?  A bit of both I suspect.  Either way it is cold comfort for his family and friends.

Deepest sympathy to his wife and children.

R.I.P  Christian Devereux

                             * here is a great photo of him in action

taken by Steelback =  c Kev Arnold  


The word of the week is FROZEN..  you see,  even words are freezing now!  hahaaDonington, start-finish

Frozen is the word of the week and what a week it was!  The circuit has been closed and while the snow drifted through the pit lane, the Kiosk,  in order to accept delivery of the relentless supply of magazines and newspapers,  had to be open for an hour or so every frozen day.  There is no off-switch for a newsagent.

Sunday morning was my craziest one.  I couldn’t get out of my home because the door was frozen shut,  I had to kick and push at it to get out!  Then I couldn’t get into my car because all of those doors were frozen shut as well!  There is so much glass and no frames around the windows – this is a groovy look but that makes it prone to freezing up.   After a few thuds with the side of my hand I finally managed loosen the seal and open the driver’s door.  Then I crawled through to the back and hit at the back hatch to get that one freed up.

The wipers were too frozen to do much of anything so I had to lean into the centre to see out!   With a sigh of relief  I started to drive off, only to find the track blocked by a double drift of snow.  The drift was nothing massive but enough of a barrier to make me get out and kick through it.Kiosk. snowy

After everything was sorted out at the Kiosk  I crept along the A453 to the M1 services for a Costa coffee;  a splurge but I bleedin’ well deserved that treat!  My jeans were absolutely soaked, so i sat there for at least an hour watching the snow fall.  Roll on summer – I hope we get one!

This could be the start of the next Ice Age… but that is another post altogether.


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2013 Season Opens

We’re back, the 2013 race season has begun!

The Sunday morning snow flurry didn’t stop the Historic Sports Car Club getting through their qualifying sessions nor did it stop the spectators coming out for a day of motorsport action.

Earlier in the week the BSB Championship held a pre-season test day.  The day was cold but sunny and we were quite surprised at how many spectators attended, it an excellent turn out for a thursday.  I suppose the free entry helped.  🙂

The Kiosk was very busy so I wasn’t able to have a look at the action, from what I was told this uber -track day got quite competitive and a few riders joined in the so-called “Craner Club”;  happily no one was injured.

I’m looking forward to the coming season of racing and if the BSB test day was anything to go by it will be a great success.

Mark this date on your calendar:

BSB – British Superbike Championship Round 9 – Donington Park 6/7/8 September 2013


through the esses

through the esses