The PitStop Kiosk  :  Serving the Paddock Since 1994  

 Glynn Roberts and his enthusiastic team have been at the helm of the Kiosk since 1994.  Back in the ’90s the Kiosk was an octagonal wooden hut, with serving hatches, built around a tree.  

 As teams arrive for the weekend racing, a community begins to build up around the paddock.  I’m sure it was a logistical challenge for whomever was laying out the Paddock but, despite it’s awkward location, the Kiosk was a much appreciated part of that temporary village.  

Track Days and General Testing keep the shop ticking-over during the week as we get busy stocking up for our next neighbourhood to arrive.

These days the Kiosk is in one of the converted race school garages under the Melbourne Suites.  No matter where the PitStop Kiosk is located it is a vital and unique part of Donington Park Race Circuit.  Our customers say, that of all the circuits they go to, none has anything like our Kiosk. 

 A neighbourhood newsagent, the only difference is our neighbourhood leaves on Sunday night!

They call us a Life Saver!

With pleasure.

Thank you for supporting us!



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