Christian Devereux. Rest In Peace.

 The mood in the paddock was sombre after a tragic accident ended proceedings on the final day of the Donington Historic Festival.  Christian Devereux, a race winning driver both here in the UK and in Europe, was driving a ’65 Mini Cooper S in the Pre ’66 Touring Car race.  Sadly, an unfortunate incident with a Ford Mustang in that race ended his life.

This weekend the team’s mechanics were regulars in the Kiosk, joking and laughing they made us smile;  Sunday afternoon they came in with heavy hearts and made us cry.  The only thing we can do is to share the sorrow with them.

Some say that Christian Devereux is lucky to have died doing something that he loved, is that a little envy or looking on the bright side?  A bit of both I suspect.  Either way it is cold comfort for his family and friends.

Deepest sympathy to his wife and children.

R.I.P  Christian Devereux

                             * here is a great photo of him in action

taken by Steelback =  c Kev Arnold  

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