The word of the week is FROZEN..  you see,  even words are freezing now!  hahaaDonington, start-finish

Frozen is the word of the week and what a week it was!  The circuit has been closed and while the snow drifted through the pit lane, the Kiosk,  in order to accept delivery of the relentless supply of magazines and newspapers,  had to be open for an hour or so every frozen day.  There is no off-switch for a newsagent.

Sunday morning was my craziest one.  I couldn’t get out of my home because the door was frozen shut,  I had to kick and push at it to get out!  Then I couldn’t get into my car because all of those doors were frozen shut as well!  There is so much glass and no frames around the windows – this is a groovy look but that makes it prone to freezing up.   After a few thuds with the side of my hand I finally managed loosen the seal and open the driver’s door.  Then I crawled through to the back and hit at the back hatch to get that one freed up.

The wipers were too frozen to do much of anything so I had to lean into the centre to see out!   With a sigh of relief  I started to drive off, only to find the track blocked by a double drift of snow.  The drift was nothing massive but enough of a barrier to make me get out and kick through it.Kiosk. snowy

After everything was sorted out at the Kiosk  I crept along the A453 to the M1 services for a Costa coffee;  a splurge but I bleedin’ well deserved that treat!  My jeans were absolutely soaked, so i sat there for at least an hour watching the snow fall.  Roll on summer – I hope we get one!

This could be the start of the next Ice Age… but that is another post altogether.


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