A Classy Quarterly..

I’m excited to tell you about a relatively new title on the magazine rack:

OVERLAND magazine

This quality quarterly, now on it’s third issue, is full of stories and photographs from around the world; as seen and experienced by adventurous motorcycle travellers. Tales from Morocco to Indonesia via Tajikistan, Ethiopia and The Americas, feed the travel-hungry and help to both soothe and inflame the itch of wanderlust.

It was great to see that the ever modest Elspeth Beard is in the spotlight; the article is by Paul Blezzard, but the journey and photographs are all her. Elspeth set off, in 1982, on a journey which would see her become the first English woman to ride a motorcycle around the world!

The editor, Paddy Tyson himself, takes us on a journey through Romania; while ”extreme world traveller” Sjaak Lucassen, tells us of his time in Patagonia.

Two series are launched in this issue: ”How to..” and ”Postcard”. The charming, motorcycle author, Sam Manicom dispenses useful hints on how to..cross a border, helping you to relax and enjoy the experience. (Good luck!)  The county of Bedfordshire opens ”Postcard”; a series of home grown adventures exploring various corners of the UK.

OVERLAND is an inspiring magazine in a classy coffee table format.

So, get inspired, get a motorcycle and get OVERLAND!



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