It’s got my goat!


Oh, oh.  I was ”off on one” on Sunday, it was only quarter to eight in the morning and I had only served two customers!!

The first customers into the shop are quite crucial, if I’m not careful, they have the ability to set the tone of my psyche for the rest of the morning, possibly for the whole day.

I realize that not everyone is a ”morning person” like me, so the first one [customer] really wasn’t so bad, just a wee bit grumpy.  I can let that one slide.  But the next one, he got to me ..twofold.

He was entering the shop with his head down, totally absorbed in his phone.  I was turning  to walk away from the fridge and we nearly crashed into each other.  I had to do a duck and dive manoeuvre around him.  Not a word was uttered, just my exclamation: “whoa!”

Obviously oblivious to me and seemingly unaware of our near miss, he stood in front of the fridge and continued staring at the phone.  Eventually he managed to select a drink and bring it over to the counter;  he chose some chocolate and crisps and then, while still looking at the phone, he finally spoke:  ”That’s it,”  he said.

There it is, this seemingly insignificant transaction is the moment of the morning and how I choose to react to this could potentially make or break my day.  So, instead of just ringing it in, taking the money and sending him on his oblivious way, I smiled and said, ”Good morning!”   This seemed to startle him into lifting at least his eyes, if not his head, and murmuring ”y’alright.”   Well, good for him, it’s a start.  .

Do I ask too much to be recognised in my own shop; to request some inkling of civility?  Perhaps it is asking too much to put the phone down for a moment and have a reality based, rather than virtual, interaction.

I was feeling pleased that I hadn’t let it ruin my frame of mind, when, after a quick tally, an exchange of cash and, yes, even a thank you; he asked if I had a bag..

Ah! Now we come to what really got my goat with him and it’s not just him – it’s everyone!  Why is no one saying the ”magic” word any more?  From what I can determine there isn’t  one certain age group who are forgetting to use the word please; it is lacking in every generational group.  Actually some youngsters, around the age of six to eight, are saying please more than the rest.  So, there is hope after all that it is not a dying concept.

We are not lacking in saying thank you; we will say ”thank you” various times in one transaction; to the point where it gets sickening.  Thank you, thanks, cheers, tah.  It goes on and on, yet all summer (what we’ve had of it!) I’ve been reminding people to say PLEASE.  As you can see, it is now to the point of distraction!

So,please, the next time you’re making a request of someone, even just asking a teller for a bag, please, please, say please!

Thank you!

Cheers!  Tah!  Thanks!   😉


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