Racing on Steroids

Racing on Steroids
Truck Grand Prix 30th June – 1st July 2012

This week in light of the FIA British Truck Grand Prix coming to Donington Park we are reading Trucking magazine to get into the spirit of this momentous truck-based occasion.

This was a popular selling magazine over the weekend, maybe because it was ‘trucking it down’ (har har) and people wanted something to read. As you’d expect there is a huge FH16-750 Volvo on the front cover. Browsing over this glossy page I am intrigued to learn whether a truck can actually look pretty in pink, who are the true kings of the road and what the tally ho are Crazy Horses!

“It’s another humdinger from Trucking.” These are the first words that I read, written by the editor Steev Hayes. Even the editor has a truckish sounding name.

The target audience are clearly truckers or truck enthusiasts; it’s definitely the first time I’ve seen this magazine on the shelves. I was able to get the gist of most of the articles. I thought they’d be quite technical or full of trucking lingo, if such a thing exists, but my only query was as to what ‘grease nipples’ were.  photo of  truck racing

Amongst the new gear recommendations were a Kindle Touch, slightly dangerous when driving I though and a truck timer for Android. This seems genuinely useful; the app makes sure the driver operates within their allotted hours…described as the ‘App of the Month’ it’s a bargain at £2.

I’m nearly at the centrefold and get the chance to view some ‘Watford Gap action’ as somebody stands on a bridge perving on truck drivers along a stretch of the M1. There is a picture of a girl on p.28 (a normal looking girl with a handbag and flat shoes) and I learnt one of the creature comforts of a cab is one that includes a drinks holder. Although these snippets proved to be amusing the most interesting article by far was the ‘Kings of the Road’, a piece about Indian truckers.

A line of advice when driving a truck in India is to keep pipping your horn and accelerating. Like all other transport in India their trucks are always heavily overloaded, a dead camel is vastly more hazardous road kill than a rabbit and some truck drivers are treated like nobility, the one being interviewed had an accomplice who looked after him. There is even a caste system within the trucking world their!

The article about the pink trucks was heart-warming. Trucks here and across the pond are painting themselves pink to raise awareness of Breast Cancer. The gargantuan trucks don’t exactly manage to look pretty in pink but they are definitely eye-catching. It’s nice to see this male-dominate industry try to acquire a feminine touch.

Well this road trip through pages about quality tippers and classy paintwork wasn’t as painful as I had initially anticipated. Although I never did manage to learn what a Crazy Horse was but if you’re ever in the midst of a Truck Grand Prix and fancy a quick read, I’d recommend a copy of Trucking, it’ll help you fit in and make it look like you know what you’re talking about.


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