Magazine of the Week; Motor Sport

This week we are highlighting Motor Sport magazine, one of our most popular top-shelf magazines!  Five words across the top announce it’s manifesto:

passion * independence * perspective * opinion * authority

It’s classic green mast makes it stand out from the rest and tabs on the cover shows the diverse content you can expect to find within: Formula 1 , Sports Car Racing , US Racing , Road Cars  and  Historic.  Motorcycle Racing often makes an appearance as well.
The target audience is the older gentleman, racer or enthusiast.  The letters page all begin with ‘Sir,’  it is definitely not for the pimp-my-ride-20 something.magazine of the week

Motor Sport magazine was founded in 1924 so you can imagine the archive which it has to draw upon.  I think it’s a magazine as much about the men as the machines. In this issue, June 2012, the cover story, ”Hill vs Clark, the story of ’62”  brings the past to life with an interview which was recorded fifty years ago on a  ”..briefcased-sized Uher portable tape machine..”  

But not every article is ‘back in the day..’ , modern cars and F1 racers are also represented ~ and in full colour!  Even Hollywood has made this issue with Ron Howard making a drama about Niki Lauda & James Hunt, called Rush.  Apparently they came to Donington’s Grand Prix Collection Museum to take measurements of the car they are replicating for the movie.

Although this square-ish magazine is quite thick, there is no tedious wading through endless adverts to find the next article;  the content flows along nicely. The ads themselves are sleek and minimalist, mostly full page, for future race meetings or high-end jackets, bags and watches.  Just before the classified pages bring the magazine to an end, there is a double page photograph, called the Parting Shot.  This month’s shows a spectacular crash from an F1 race in 1964.  Wheels and hay bales are flying, it really shows just how unprotected the drivers were back then, and the track itself looks as though it is close behind a suburban garden!

I must confess this is the first time I’ve actually sat and read this magazine.  I enjoyed the human story behind the sport very much, and the old photographs transport you back to the hay days!

To sum things up, here is what Motor Sport have to say for themselves:    

.. Motor Sport continues to be intelligent, opinionated and knowledgeable on racing, road cars and motor racing history, contrasting the sport’s past with current events...





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