Pit Stop Kiosk – a brief history

Regular race goers and track day participants will already be familiar with the Pit Stop Kiosk.  For at least three decades now, it has been situated in the paddock area (where the race teams set up) of Donington Park Race Circuit.

Originally it was a programme kiosk.  A quirky, octagon shaped, hut which was built around a tree – right in the middle of the all paddock action!   Glynn Roberts started running it in 1994.

It was an exciting place to work and quite a challenge for a newspaper seller; chasing the pages of  Motorcycle News down the paddock or running in and out with plastic covers for the magazine racks as the rain came and went and came again…

The end of an era came in October of 2005 when the kiosk was torn down.

I happened to be there on that day, thinking to take a photo of the empty space, but to my amazement they had just started the demolition.  I stayed to watch the monster claw take bites out of the roof and walls until nothing but the tree was leftGoing, going, gone.., then it too was swiped down.

At one point during the proceedings I asked to get in close for a photo. Flapping in the breeze, on a timber frame, was a poster for Jaffa Cakes which read: GOING, GOING, GONE….

The next incarnation of the Kiosk, called PitStop Shop, moved across the way, into a converted garage beside the Diner.  No more rain on the magazines and not nearly as much chasing newspapers.

The Redgate Pub was knocked down in 2011, and the Kiosk had to move again to make way for beer barrels when the Bar was opened in the Diner.

Although the name was now PitStop Shop it was still being referred to as ”the Kiosk”, so this year it’s name has been changed back to PitStop Kiosk.

Look forward to serving you soon!


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